60. Prohibition (Part 2)

In this episode we discuss the dark side of prohibition in the form of organized crime, as well as the sudden pragmatism of the Great Depression and the repeal of prohibition. Colin Oliver returns as guest.

2 thoughts on “60. Prohibition (Part 2)”

  1. Ray Niolu says:

    Al Capone died in ill health at his estate in Florida (not prison)
    Bugs Moran died in prison (not in the St Valentine’s day massacre)
    Near beer (non-alcoholic) is often drunk by those in religions prohibiting alcohol and likely recovering alcoholics.

    1. Adam says:

      You’re right about both Capone and Moran – not sure how I missed those, but I’ll make sure to add them to the corrections page for this episode as soon as it goes up. Thanks for catching them!

      As for near beer, I think the main thrust of our conversation at that point was less about who could possibly be interested in the product (though I get how it would have come across that way) and more a surprise that there’s enough demand for the product for its continued production. It was a just a speculative aside. You raise fair points about groups that might purchase it, but it’s still surprising to me that it’s enough of a market to see dozens of cases in every grocery store.

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