77. The October Crisis (Part 1)

In this episode we discuss the condition of Quebec in the first half of the 20th century with a focus on the Duplessis administration, as well as the Quiet Revolution and the intellectual tensions that arose between federalism and nationalism among the politics of the 1960s. Paul McGeown returns as guest.



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3 thoughts on “77. The October Crisis (Part 1)”

  1. Marco says:

    Great episode but you forgot to bring up the Richard riots in the 50s

    1. Adam says:

      I considered bringing them up – it’s a great story, and it’s in the running for the most Canadian thing to ever happen. Ultimately though I ran out of time, and I really think that the riots were more a symptom of the wider issues we did discuss than a key incident in and of itself.

  2. Dinaa says:

    Sauve dies of a heart attack

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