124. German Unification Revisited (Re-release)

In this episode, we revisit the unification of Germany with added commentary to update some content in preparation for our discussion on fascism. We follow the German states from the Napoleonic Wars through the revolutions of 1848 until Otto von Bismarck helms a culturally and politically exceptional campaign to create a new great power in Europe. Dan McGinnis returns as guest.

This episode is part five in our extended look at the history of fascism.

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2 thoughts on “124. German Unification Revisited (Re-release)”

  1. eleeliieellie says:

    Hi, what was the title of the book about war philosophy mentioned in this episode?

    1. Adam says:

      I’m going off imperfect memory here without listening back, since is one of the first episodes I ever recorded, but I’m quite sure that I was talking about Carl von Clausewitz’s “On War”. Written in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars, Clausewitz framed war in a new way – specifically as a political tool rather than a desirable end in and of itself. Many of the concepts Clausewitz lays out would influence warfare in the 19th and 20th centuries and remain relevant to the way we talk about war today.

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