9. The Witch Trials (Part 1)

In this episode, we discuss the social pressures and events that formed the basis of the witchcraft scare in Early Modern Europe. Yumiko Hutchenreuther joins as guest.

3 thoughts on “9. The Witch Trials (Part 1)”

  1. Paul says:

    Hi, I really enjoy your shows and have listened to many of them , and they are both entertaining and informative , but after listening to your show on the Witchcraft trials , and reading through the show notes to make sure you did not correct yourself later , I just thought it was important to mention that ” Witchcraft IS currently happening ” I don’t think I would need to site sources since there are many and you have obviously read some of them, so I expect you to recant your deception ( in the show notes of course ), also stop sending me dreams about how great the maple syrup is in Canada , thanks .

    1. Adam says:

      Hi! I actually wouldn’t mind some sources, if you’ve got some. I’m not sure what you mean exactly by “witchcraft is currently happening”. If you’re referring to the type of Satan worship that the people we discuss in this episode were afraid of, then there’s very little evidence of it happening then, let alone now. That was one of the main purposes of the episode: to show that most trials were about using this moral panic as an outlet for mundane grievances against neighbors. And if you’re referring to modern pagan beliefs like Wicca, that’s a very different subject than what we covered in this episode. Either way, I don’t think I was being deceptive at all!

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