73. The Black Death (Part 1)

In this episode we discuss the characteristics of the plague and pre-modern medicine, as well as the Justinian Plague of the 6th century. Colin Oliver returns as guest.   Thanks to Mike and Donna Bleskie, Ian Davis, Perry, Kimberlyn Crowe, Levent Kemal Sadikoglu, and more for supporting the show! If you’d like to do the same, please visit http://www.patreon.com/hi101.

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61. Vikings (Part 1)

In this episode we discuss the conditions that led to the beginnings of the Viking era in the late 8th century, as well as contact between the Norse and Asia. Paul McGeown returns as guest.

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Notes: Episode 49, Conspiracy Theories (Part 1)

As with every show, I’ll list any corrections or clarifications here. If there’s anything I’ve overlooked, please contact me by email or in the comments and I’ll edit the notes to reflect the new information.   10:43 – “Millennialism” is correct as I present it here. What was throwing me off here is something “millenarianism”, which is a less specific belief that there will be societal upheaval of some sort every 1,000 years, and of which millennialism is a specific type. I […]

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49. Conspiracy Theories (Part 1)

In this anthology episode we cover both the moon landing conspiracy theories and the phantom time conspiracy theory. Rebecca Bleskie joins as guest.

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