Upcoming Anniversary Announcement

HI101 has a big milestone coming up! If you want to talk about any of the items from this announcement, please email me at contact@hi101.ca.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Anniversary Announcement”

  1. A man says:

    It ended up raining on the one day of the week the local library makes their high-end laser cutter available. Me and the librarians were the only ones there.

    Watching the rain fall while waiting for a cutting job to finish, the youngest librarian told me about a podcast (in particular the 2 part “time episodes”) and we put it on in the background. We’d have finished both episodes, but the library closed at 8 and I said goodbye.

    The next day came soon and I immediately searched “time keeping podcast” and listened to dozens of podcasts, each taking a variable amount of time to determine each to be a mere imitator.

    Despite never having thought twice about podcasts before, I had to get my hands/ears on it (especially after having listened to so many others on the same topic!). I looked up the number of the local library and called:

    “Hi, it’s ${so_and_so}. Can you put ${other_librarian} on?”

    “She’s not in. Can I help you with something?”

    “No, this is a question about something she told me”

    “Oh. I see”

    “Can you give me her number?”

    “I think a lady would prefer a personal question to be asked *in person*”

    “Well, next time you see her, can you ask her the name of the podcast we were listening to the other night?”

    “… the name of a podcast?”

    I got the sense that I had spoken out of turn, and the call got somewhat awkward.

    “Well, do *you* know it’s name?”

    She didn’t and delivered a curt goodbye.

    I considered going down to the library to search through their browser history, but remembered that the machine playing the podcast was her personal machine.

    Needless to say, the very first question out of my mouth the next time I saw her was the name of this podcast.

    I still think you are absolutely excellent.

    Happy anniversary.

    1. Adam says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. Faysal Alfaris says:

    Love this podcast, just discovered it and I’m going through the Roman Britania episodes. You and your guest are very entertaining!

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