92. Colonial South Africa (Part 2)

In this episode we discuss the multiple attempts made by former Dutch settlers to found independent Boer States, complicated by the Zulu, the British, and the discovery of natural resources. Gary Hallman returns as guest.



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2 thoughts on “92. Colonial South Africa (Part 2)”

  1. rry says:

    What happened to the prophetic girl?

    1. Adam says:

      Nongqawuse was handed over to the British and taken to a women’s prison in Cape Town. She was likely there less than a year, but records of her life are extremely sparse beyond that point – the best I can really say is that she likely spent the remainder on a farm outside of Cape Town. Even the year of her death is fuzzy – likely 1898 (age 57), but I’ve seen later – and her burial place is unconfirmed. Unfortunately her life seems to have been largely defined by the role she played in the Xhosa cattle-killing movement as a teenager.

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