125. The Russian Revolution

In this episode we discuss the Russian Revolution, beginning with the political context of the 19th century in Russia and moving through various crises that culminate in the overthrow of the Tsar and the successful coup by the Bolshevik party. Phil Downey returns as guest.

This episode is part six in our extended series on fascism.

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2 thoughts on “125. The Russian Revolution”

  1. Brandon Taylor says:

    Hey Adam,

    I can’t seem to ever be able to find the corrections for any episode – could you let me know/link me as to where to find them? I see one “Notes” post from last year and before that the last notes/corrections I see are from 2016.

    Thanks, and appreciation from Ohio!

    1. Adam says:

      Hey! It looks like this is 100% due to a back-end issue. I thought they were getting posted and I see them posted, but once I sign out they disappear. No idea why! I’m going to look into this and hopefully get corrections back up shortly. Sorry about that!

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