10. The Witch Trials (Part 2)

In this episode we discuss what the typical accused witch looked like, what the process tended to be for an accused witch, and some of the more famous or notable trials, as well as the eventual decline of the hysteria. Yumiko Hutchenreuther returns as guest.

2 thoughts on “10. The Witch Trials (Part 2)”

  1. Avatar Phil says:

    No questions this time, just an interesting thought this topic and the last (American Expansion) provoked. In these episodes, you talk about America being founded by Puritans. It’s interesting to imagine the transition from that, to where we are now, and how it probably has a lot to do with the contradictory pressures for women to be sexy but not slutty. Repress somebody long enough, and their desires are gonna come out anyway, and in ways that are likely unhealthy.

    Sidenote, I just really enjoyed the Witch Trials episodes. I laughed every time you had to pause to reiterate that witchcraft was not actually happening. Also, Satan’s butthole.

    1. Adam Adam says:

      The religious roots of the United States shows up in interesting ways once in awhile. It’s sort of weird that it’s a nation simultaneously upheld as a beacon of Enlightenment thought and also one that banned Christmas because it was just too rowdy. I’m not going to comment on its effect on modern gender issues, but suffice it to say that there are big chunks of Europe that sees the United States as having absolutely zero chill, and being founded by religious extremists certainly has some effect on that perception.

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