82. Octavian And Antony (Part 2)

In this episode we talk about the division of the Republic between the three triumvirs that almost immediately devolves into solidification of Roman control under Octavian and the adoption of Greek and Egyptian culture by Antony, ultimately leading to a final civil war between the two former allies. Dan McGinnis returns as guest.


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2 thoughts on “82. Octavian And Antony (Part 2)”

  1. Ares says:

    Great show
    But I think you made a mistake (or just wasn’t clear enough).
    It sounded like you said that Pompey who rebelled in Sicily (and was defeated by Lepidus) is the same Pompey (The Great) who fought against Ceasar. But it was actually his son Sextus. Pompey the Great was killed in Egypt soon after his last battle with Ceasar.

    1. Adam says:

      You are absolutely right – I confused (or more accurately I suppose conflated) the two Pompeys. Thanks for the correction!

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