116. The United States In Latin America (Part 2)

In this episode we cover the 20th century, including the Big Brother period and the Banana Wars, the Good Neighbor Policy, and the Cold War. Scott Weber returns as guest.

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One thought on “116. The United States In Latin America (Part 2)”

  1. Samuel Tyroler says:

    Hi I was listening to this episode and I heard you mention that when Pinochet fell from power from 1988 to 1990 Jimmy Carter was in power and helped facilitate it and I was very confused because that just isn’t true. Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush were presidents during that time and were more than willing to use the CIA in Latin American coups to help pro-American regimes. Im a little rusty in Latin American history but my understanding was American support for the Argentinan regime led to a falling out between Chilie and the US because those countries were Arch rivals. Because of this there was a period in the 80s where the US government was supporting Argentina while Pinochet was being supported by the Thatcher government due to the hostility of Britain and Argentina. That was a significant cause of the Pinochet regime falling was because the Thatcher government and Argentinan Junta both fell and the Pinochet regime struggled to justify a right to exist to the Chilean people who didn’t really see any threats or allies to their government anymore and wanted to transition back to a democracy as a way to join in on the South American detente.

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