134. The Greco-Persian Wars

In this episode we explore the background of the Achaemenid Empire and how it came into conflict with the Greek world, as well as the impacts of the wars on Greek society. Seraph Downey returns as guest.

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2 thoughts on “134. The Greco-Persian Wars”

  1. Lawrence says:

    Aw, I agreed with both your takes on Zach Snyder but 300 wasn’t his fault. He adapted it from Frank Millers graphic novel of the same name. That’s why it’s one of his better movies. He relied on the book as a storyboard and basically was just the cinematographer at that point lol

    1. Adam says:

      I agree with you here! I think I would have best enjoyed his work if he’d continued to act as a director of photography – he has really good vision for composition, but I’m less happy with the way he handles directing overall.

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